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Jun 29

Calling Delphi 6 DLL from c#.NET and blasted rounding issues

Recently I had the need to call a Delphi DLL from a .NET application. The delphi DLL would be performing a number of floating point arithmetic operations and returning results in as a string. In order to debug the delphi DLL another delphi application was written that uses this same interface and outputs the results. …

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Jun 16

Thread safe logging to file using Java

In an attempt to create a simple logging class for a Java socket server application I was writing I wanted to make sure that the class captured all log events from the various threads sending messages to it. I didn’t want to have the situation where some messages were lost because the class could not …

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Showing Enums in a dropdownlist on our ASP.NET MVC view

A little while ago I posted a discussion on a method to decorate Enums with attributes to provide some flexibility with how they are displayed. Background This came about in a project I worked on where we wanted to show user friendly names of an enumeration on a Web UI page, but the same Enum …

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Mar 25

That stupid give way rule has finally gone

Finally, New Zealand has woken up, bitten the bullet and changed the give way to right rule to what the rest of the world came to realise many years ago. After making the decision in parliament last year the rule changed this morning at 5am. For those unsure of what the rule change is, here’s …

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Mar 18

Why as sportsman are we so thick and find it hard to adapt

So we had our first rugby competition game yesterday and lost 14-11. The game itself was pretty uneventful. One try apiece a couple of penalties. However some things I found so frustrating was how hard it is for players to respond to what is being said. The game started as it meant to go on …

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Mar 18

Posting content from memory stream using HttpWebRequest c#

So I needed to upload a zipped file that I was creating in memory and send it to an MVC action on my server. I read plenty of examples and perhaps I could have gone down the route of saving the stream to a file on disk and then using the .net WebClient UploadFile method. …

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