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Showing Enums in a dropdownlist on our ASP.NET MVC view

A little while ago I posted a discussion on a method to decorate Enums with attributes to provide some flexibility with how they are displayed. Background This came about in a project I worked on where we wanted to show user friendly names of an enumeration on a Web UI page, but the same Enum …

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Mar 18

Posting content from memory stream using HttpWebRequest c#

So I needed to upload a zipped file that I was creating in memory and send it to an MVC action on my server. I read plenty of examples and perhaps I could have gone down the route of saving the stream to a file on disk and then using the .net WebClient UploadFile method. …

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Feb 14

Getting friendly names from an Enum when decorated with multiple attribute

It came about in MVC project I was working on that we wanted to output friendly names for a large number of enumerations we were working on directly into a selectable dropdown list. We would have an enum on a ViewModel object and that would be automatically put into a combo box with the selected …

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Nov 19

On my way towards a skinny controller – ASP.NET MVC

A learning curve My first attempt at writing a programming blog. Excuse the rambling, I’m a blogger work in progress. Being new to the whole MVC programming concept and to be honest web progamming in general the learning curve to get up to speed and produce an enterprise solution has been pretty intense. This year, …

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