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Sep 07

Just another blog on High Performing Teams

Recently I have had the privilege of being able to do a small bit of local research on the topic of High Performing teams. It’s a topic that can galvanise many conversations and has many opinions. Indeed if you google this term there are plethora of articles discussing this very topic. Even the definition itself …

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Jun 26

Don’t make 1v1’s it a tick box exercise. It’s time to connect!

1v1s can often fall into a tick box exercise and at the end of it you feel like not much is being accomplish. When it becomes like that we have let ourselves down and our team members down. Don’t let it get there. If you focus n the outcomes then each talk should be exactly what you hope for and an event worth having.

May 15

Coaching in (Work, Sport, Community, Family) = Coaching in Life

Coaching and mentoring others does not stop at work. It’s in everything we do, and the more we put ourselves into these situations the more we will learn and grow ourselves whilst enabling and growing others.

Mar 25

That stupid give way rule has finally gone

Finally, New Zealand has woken up, bitten the bullet and changed the give way to right rule to what the rest of the world came to realise many years ago. After making the decision in parliament last year the rule changed this morning at 5am. For those unsure of what the rule change is, here’s …

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