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Sep 15

My top 10 rule changes in Rugby Union 2022

My top 10 rule changes I’d love to see changed or implemented in rugby. Of course this is just a base outline and further scrutiny would be required but it’s not the mauls or scrums that annoy me but the small nuances of the game that allow a referee to dictate too much or take …

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Sep 22

The video referee and it’s place in sport

I’ve never been a huge fan of video referee. I’ve always thought in sport that what goes around comes around and it all tends to even up over time. But with so much money involved in sport these days I admit that it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure these decisions are right. So I’ve …

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Mar 18

Why as sportsman are we so thick and find it hard to adapt

So we had our first rugby competition game yesterday and lost 14-11. The game itself was pretty uneventful. One try apiece a couple of penalties. However some things I found so frustrating was how hard it is for players to respond to what is being said. The game started as it meant to go on …

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Jan 25

Burn out – is it a myth

You often hear the term in sport of players “burn out” or managing a players workload so they don’t lose their edge. Is this actually something that happens or is it just a myth that coaches, players and management use to make excuses for a poor performance on the sporting arena? I’m sure there is …

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Jan 08

Rugby in New Zealand – Is it going the way of the Titanic?

The titanic, a massive tragedy in the history of this world. To compare the state of NZ rugby and it’s slow decline is perhaps unworthy of this event however that is how I feel at present. Given New Zealands unprecedented dominance in world rugby over the past years one could easily scoff and suggest I’m …

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Nov 01

What does it take to win a Rugby world cup

The Rugby world cup has just finished for 2011. While the players in the southern hemisphere take a well deserved rest, those from the northern return back to their respective clubs and continue the job of the full time sportsmans. As is the case, there could be only one set of players that reflect on …

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