• Ideation – Driving culture

    What kind of culture do I want to be a part of? My mission statement: ”A culture where we feel energized and find value in the work done, and would enthusiastically recommend LIC as place of work to people we respect and hold in high regard.”

  • My top 10 rule changes in Rugby Union 2022

    My top 10 rule changes I’d love to see changed or implemented in rugby. Of course this is just a base outline and further scrutiny would be required but it’s not the mauls or scrums that annoy me but the small nuances of the game that allow a referee to dictate too much or take the control from players. Stealing the ball at the ruck I’d love to see this more in the favour of the attacking team. At the moment defending players will too often have their hands on the ground or the backs of their hands on the ground and gain a penalty. The other one I see…

  • Just another blog on High Performing Teams

    Recently I have had the privilege of being able to do a small bit of local research on the topic of High Performing teams. It’s a topic that can galvanise many conversations and has many opinions. Indeed if you google this term there are plethora of articles discussing this very topic. Even the definition itself of what a High Performing Team (HPT) is is varied and although you may find similarities between such definitions, you will also note differences, enough that a single consensus on this subject is hard to obtain. This article is not an attempt to completely define what a HPT is (although I do give my thoughts…

  • Don’t make 1v1’s it a tick box exercise. It’s time to connect!

    1v1s can often fall into a tick box exercise and at the end of it you feel like not much is being accomplish. When it becomes like that we have let ourselves down and our team members down. Don't let it get there. If you focus n the outcomes then each talk should be exactly what you hope for and an event worth having.