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Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog website. I’m new to this whole blogging saga so bear with me.

I currently live in New Zealand which is in the southern hemisphere just south of Australia. I currently have two great children called Finn and Nieve of which I love and adore very much. I’m married to Anna who has been by my side for over twenty years and it’s been her strength and kindness that has made time fly as fast as it has.

My have many passions. I love my sport. I follow any and all sports and believe they all have something to offer the viewer. My main passion in sport is Rugby union which is what I have the most to say on. I still activity participate in union and have played semi professional rugby in my younger years (see my credentials page for fore details). Along with union I play cricket in the summer. In my younger days I played any sport I could. Touch Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Gymnastics, Rugby league, Cricket, Rugby union and any thing else mum let me get involved in.

My work professional life is dominated by my career as a computer programmer. I graduated from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Computing and mathematical sciences majoring in software engineering and have been working in this field since 2002. I’ve been mainly exposed to Microsoft products however in my own time I’ve written software in Java, J2ME and PHP. I love programming and combined with my passion for sport I’ve been fortunate to make some very good decisions in my work/life balance and the path’s I have taken.

Outside of work and sport, I enjoying reading science fiction and fantasy books. Since I began serious reading at 12 years of age I’ve managed to record every single book I’ve ever read. I’d really like to record these one day and maybe might add it as a section on this website if I ever get around to it. Along with reading I enjoy anything science fiction and fantasy including movies , computer video games (Warcraft, Age of Empires, Stars! or any strategy based game) and board games such as Risk, Chess (Draughts) and Monopoly.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

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