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Coaching Career

Junior sports (2017-2022)

Since 2017 I have been involved in coaching of Junior sports teams focusing primarily on Cricket and Rugby.  Included in this has also been involved in the committees of both codes helping assist in the day to day running of the Junior clubs.

Other minor coaching of Junior sports in this time have included Athletics and Basketball.


Morrinsville Seniors (2021)
  • Assistant coach for the Morrinsville Senior mens team competing in the Waikato Club Premiership competition. As assistant coach I was involved in all decision making that related to the team direction and activity. My primary role was as Defensive coach whereby I spent the main part of the year implementing new defensive concepts and ideas, some of which put many players out of their comfort zones.
Morrinsville u85s (2019 – 2020)
  • Head coach of the u85s leading them to back to back championship titles in 2019/2020. Many challenges faced during the year including adapting coaching and playing style to a set of individuals that are all approx the same weight. Hence thought process and identification/creation of space was constantly adapted and tried as well as training attendance due to varied work commitments.
    As head coach I focused on ensuring the coaching/management team were cohesive in objectives and planning. I directed the team ethos and culture by working on player input and accountability. The review at the end of the seasons were extremely positive (always helps when you win). Included in this direction was an attitude to support the community which was accomplished with success throughout the the year.
    • Back set-piece
    • Team attack system
    • Skills focusing on catch-pass and kick fundamentals
    • Team direction, management leadership
Morrinsville College 1st XV (2017 – 2018)
  • Assistant coach for 2 seasons for the Morrinsville College 1st XV. During this time the college won the Cup competed for but 2nd tier colleges for the first time. The role produced a whole new set of challenges being the first time for many years coaching at a age group level. It was both exciting and a great deal of learning occured. During my tenar here I was also involved in the U15 Piako team during 2017.
    • Back set-piece
    • Team attack system
    • Skills focusing on catch-pass and kick fundamentals
Waikato u85s – 2016
  • Head coach of the Waikato u85’s team which competed against Auckland, North Harbour, Counties and Wellington. Worked with a team of 2 other coaches, 2 managers and an assistant aide. Involved in a trial Ggame which included around 40 players and from which we picked a squad of 26.

    During the season we didn’t manage to win a game however lost all our games within 7-13 points except for Wellington. End of season player review forms filled out showed a 90% enjoyment rate from the players both in regards to training content and delivery, and overall season enjoyment.

    • Back set-piece
    • Team attack system
    • Defence attack system

    Other areas split between the other coaches included Tackle and the contact, forwards set-piece and skill development.

Waihou Seniors XV (2014 – 2016)
  • In 2016 my role changed to Head co-coach
    • 2014 – Runners up
    • 2015 – Co winners (final ended in a draw)
    • 2016 – Winners

    Assistant and backs coach to the Waihou Seniors who competed in the Thames Valley Senior A division. My role worked closely with the Head coach to deliver and prepare trainings as well as working with players individually to help improve their skill levels.

    Helped guide the team to a 2014 finals appearance after finishing at the bottom of the table the previous season. Responsibilities included

    • Backs coach
    • Attack systems and structures coach
    • Planning training sessions
    • Individual skills coach
    • Player profiling and reviews
    • Game video analysis using SportsCode Gamebreaker
    • In 2016 my role changed from Attack to Defence systems coach
Morrinsville u85s 7s (2015)
  • Coached the team involved with the Waikato Te Awamutu 7s tournament in which our team made the final.
Thames Valley Heartland XV (2012,2013)
  • I was involved with the Thames Valley Heartland XV in the role of Backs coach. During this my roles were involved in managing the back line and helping the players develop good habits and work effectively as a unit. I managed this by encouraging some core principles including:
    • Backing yourself and always attack to breach (break the line)
    • A high work rate by all players that included wingers involved in every set-piece attack
    • Emphasis on basic skill level i.e. passing and kicking
    • A positive attitude that involved playing to the whistle and never giving up

    To instill these principles I tried to make trainings different and unique at all times while encouraging a fun but focused environment. This was achieved through games and competitions that also worked on core skills and philosophies as well as continually reminding players the expectations the coaching staff had.

    In this role I was also involved with helping with the team structure and attack/defense game plan and added input to the overall running of the team.

Hamilton Boys High 3rd XV – (2000)
  • During my early days I helped coach the Hamilton Boys 3rd XV which in itself was a good learning curve and helped me appreciate rugby from a difference perspective. It also at that stage helped fire the determination to continue to give back to the game and community in regards to my time and any knowledge I may have gained over the years.

Rugby representative playing career

Thames Valley 1st XV (2010)
  • Selected for the 2010 Swamp foxes team as a loan player from the Waikato union. I started initially all the season games until an injury caused me to be sidelined for the majority of the rest of the season. However, I was successful in playing the final two matches, most notably the final match against North Otago who we pushed close. North Otago eventually went on to win the Heartland competition.

    During my rehabilitation period, I stayed involved with the team, helping the coaches by watching game footage and providing feedback, organising skills drills for the players as well as offering individual advice as appropriate.

England Counties XV (2008)
  • In 2008 I was selected for the England Counties XV which comprises of non-professional players much like the New Zealand Heartland team. To make this team was a huge success and I learnt a lot both on and off the field regarding professionalism aspects in and around the game as well as the game itself. Because of the nature of the team and a two week trip overseas I saw first hand the processes going into organising a successful team as well as having the benefit of being personally aware of how those actions effected and worked with the players.
Manchester 1st XV, England (2004-2009)
  • I played over 100 games for this team during my time with them and in that time we were promoted from the 2nd division below premiership, to the division immediately under premership playing teams such as Leeds and the Exeter Chiefs who both now play in the premiership themselves. The premiership being the elite national competition of England rugby.
Waikato Chiefs Development XV (2002)
  • The following year, the structure was changed to a chiefs open age team where I was once again selected and was a regular starter.
Waikato B’s (2002,2003)
  • Selected for the Waikato B development XV where I played regularly throughout the two seasons.
Waikato Chiefs U23’s (2001)
  • Selected for the Chiefs U23’s team at the time which consisted of players from Counties, Bay of Plenty and Waikato. I was the regular starter in this team which had a successful year.
Waikato U21’s (2000,2001)
  • Selected for the Waikato U21’s where I played regularly throughout the two seasons.
Waikato U19’s (1999)
  • My first year playing in the waikato club competition I was selected for the Waikato U19’s where I played every game and our team lost just the one to Auckland in the North Region final.

Rugby playing highlights

1999 – Waikato Senior B Champions – Eastern Suburbs
  • Playing in the final at Waikato Stadium we held a strong Frankton team to a great win 3-0.  The winning kick by our Fullback from 40mins out.  
2007/8 – Champ 2 Division runners up – Promotion (Manchester RFC)
  • With Manchester rugby club we successfully gain promotion to the Campion 1 league (now called Championship).  
2009 – Waikato Premiership winners – Morrinsville Sports
  • As the underdogs being involved in the team that successfully beating Fraser tech in the final at the new Waikato Stadium
2010 – Waikato Premiership runners up – Morrinsville Sports
  • Again the underdogs we couldn’t quite pull off the win, but to get back to back final appearances was an amazing feeling
2022 – Waikato u85s Champions – Morrinsillve Sports
  • Making a comeback at 43 representing the u85s team, we successfully held off a determined Marist team to win the final 15-13.  It’s noted in our semi we beat Fraser Tech in a dramatic overtime game, leaving many spectators saying it was the game of the year.

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