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That stupid give way rule has finally gone

Finally, New Zealand has woken up, bitten the bullet and changed the give way to right rule to what the rest of the world came to realise many years ago. After making the decision in parliament last year the rule changed this morning at 5am.

For those unsure of what the rule change is, here’s a summary:

  1. If you come to a T junction and there is no Give way markings then remember “Give way to the top of the T“, or “Top of the T, give way to me“.
  2. Turning right into a street. Give way to all cars coming the other way whether they be turning or going straight.

The rest of the world is probably going. WTF? Aren’t these normal. But New Zealand has only just now changed to this and I’m hoping it’s going to be for the better.

For more information visit the Official give way rule resource site.

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