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Calling .NET MVC 3 action method via jQuery ajax and handling serverside redirect

Recently I developed a .NET MVC 3 application where jQuery would be a core part of the design and it was accepted that we did not have to worry any special optimization for phone or mobile devices or disabling of javascript. During development of this application I wanted to make use of page redirects while …

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ViewModel composition and using Partial views with Partials

Slightly confused by the title of this topic? I can see why. Even I didn’t know what to give the name to the problem a recent problem I encountered and I ended up resolving it. Instead I’ll try and state the problem in my definition below: Please note. There might be better ways of doing …

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The video referee and it’s place in sport

I’ve never been a huge fan of video referee. I’ve always thought in sport that what goes around comes around and it all tends to even up over time. But with so much money involved in sport these days I admit that it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure these decisions are right. So I’ve …

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Calling Delphi 6 DLL from c#.NET and blasted rounding issues

Recently I had the need to call a Delphi DLL from a .NET application. The delphi DLL would be performing a number of floating point arithmetic operations and returning results in as a string. In order to debug the delphi DLL another delphi application was written that uses this same interface and outputs the results. …

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Thread safe logging to file using Java

In an attempt to create a simple logging class for a Java socket server application I was writing I wanted to make sure that the class captured all log events from the various threads sending messages to it. I didn’t want to have the situation where some messages were lost because the class could not …

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Showing Enums in a dropdownlist on our ASP.NET MVC view

A little while ago I posted a discussion on a method to decorate Enums with attributes to provide some flexibility with how they are displayed. Background This came about in a project I worked on where we wanted to show user friendly names of an enumeration on a Web UI page, but the same Enum …

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