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  1. Rugby in New Zealand – Is it going the way of the Titanic? — 3 comments

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Jan 25

Burn out – is it a myth

You often hear the term in sport of players “burn out” or managing a players workload so they don’t lose their edge. Is this actually something that happens or is it just a myth that coaches, players and management use to make excuses for a poor performance on the sporting arena? I’m sure there is …

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Jan 08

Rugby in New Zealand – Is it going the way of the Titanic?

The titanic, a massive tragedy in the history of this world. To compare the state of NZ rugby and it’s slow decline is perhaps unworthy of this event however that is how I feel at present. Given New Zealands unprecedented dominance in world rugby over the past years one could easily scoff and suggest I’m …

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Nov 19

On my way towards a skinny controller – ASP.NET MVC

A learning curve My first attempt at writing a programming blog. Excuse the rambling, I’m a blogger work in progress. Being new to the whole MVC programming concept and to be honest web progamming in general the learning curve to get up to speed and produce an enterprise solution has been pretty intense. This year, …

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Nov 01

What does it take to win a Rugby world cup

The Rugby world cup has just finished for 2011. While the players in the southern hemisphere take a well deserved rest, those from the northern return back to their respective clubs and continue the job of the full time sportsmans. As is the case, there could be only one set of players that reflect on …

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